Get Merry Organised (Book + Meal Plans)

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Our new healthy cookbook is now available! Get Merry is full of 95 new, quick, easy and delish recipes! Discover a FUN way of living that will make you feel and look your best! Grab your copy today!
PLUS you get all the recipes in digital meal plan format too (yep... 6 weeks of meal plans!).

Are you ready for a life that isn’t controlled by what you can and can’t eat? A less stressed life where healthy eating is easy, delish and FUN!

That’s what Get Merry is about and we’re SO freaking excited about it. 

Check out the full recipe list here! PLUS with Get Merry Organised we'll send you 6 weeks of meal plans with ALL the recipes from the book (except some of the treats!).

The best bit is that the 6 weeks of meal plans are usually $48 in our shop BUT you save $24 with this dealio!

Please allow 7-12 business days for book shipping depending on location.