Get Merry in-a-box

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Our Get Merry in-a-box will inspire you to live healthy, think happy and create a little magic. The perfect gift for you or a favourite (lucky) person of yours!

So… what’s in the box?

Get Merry, the very healthy recipe book! It’s filled with 95 new, healthy recipes that are (of course) quick, easy and delish. 

Get Merry quote cards. Pin them up, stick them up, use them for gift cards, frame them. Swap your regular cards to Get Merry cards. 

Magical Crystals in Merry bag. Believe in a little bit of magic or just enjoy the pretty factor. Each bag includes 3 of our most favourite tumbled crystals.

Rose quartz for love. Amethyst for creativity, peacefulness and a calm energy. Green aventurine, the stone of opportunity, the bringer of good luck! 

Merry tote bag. No more boring grocery bags allowed! This one says 'the stuff inside this bag makes me magical'.

Merry sticker. To make your fridge, window, mirror or car MERRY!

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